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Cantos Para Todos

Volume Xa

Estas Son Las Mañanitas

Music CD or Cassette Tape with Teacher Resource Book $15

ISBN 0-9768650-4-1

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 Sample from:

Volume Xa

Estas Son Las Mañanitas

Música Tradicional

CD or Music cassette with teacher resource book $15


Amistad   Friendship:

Me Gustan Todos

Admiración   Admiration:

Cielito Lindo
Los Laureles

Cortejo   Courtship:

Las Gaviotas

Matrimonio   Marriage:

El Piojo y la Pulga

Aniversario   Anniversary:

Las Mañanitas

Problemas   Problems:

El Rey

Querer al Pueblo   Longing for Home:

¡Ay Jalisco!

Volver   Coming Back:

Volver, Volver

10 traditional songs in Spanish as sung by Nestor Placencio and the WNMU Rondalla


  This edition is the first in a series of publications of traditional music.  The first volumes are dedicated to the traditions of the mexicans of here (North America) and there (Mexico).  It is hoped that the bilingual teachers, Spanish teachers, social studies teachers, choir, orchestra and band teachers, and all teachers who wish to share values of various cultures, and the community in general may benefit from this series.
 This volume is based on many years of dedication to the study of the people and their music by the authors, the contributors named, and many others who have served as examples and inspiration.  It is hoped that here, you will find the spirit of the Mexicans of here and there.
 There are many collections prepared for the schools.  Our work is unique because it is based on the theory that the style of the arrangement and performance contain elements at the core of the culture that the music represents.  Singing is Spanish should not be the purpose of a class; rather, it should be: to learn by singing.

Applied Research Examples
 On 18 December 1993 an Applied Practice and Outcomes Conference was hosted by the Division of Teacher Education, Western New Mexico University under the direction of Dr. Bob Rapp, Counselor Education.  Notes from the conference were so closely aligned to our objectives in singing these songs in the schools, that short examples are included in this volume to support the teaching ideas.

Illustrations. We appreciate the contributions of Adornos Mariana  for the majority of the art work in this volume.  The illustrations are designed by Mariana Murguía-Ferrer.  The cut plastic figures are made by artisans of Mexico City.



WNMU Mariachi Version: 7 Sep 93
©1994  Cantos Para Todos

 Cariñito, cariñito, cariñito necesito yo

Cariñito, cariñito, cariñito necesitas tú

Cariñito, cariñito, cariñito necesito hoy

Aquí y en todo lugar, cariñito necesito yo.

 English Translation

 Friendship, I need friendship

Friendship, you need friendship

Friendship, I need friendship today

Here and everywhere, I need friendship.

Lesson Ideas

  Cariñito is interpreted here as another level of friendship, although it is can also be used to refer to levels of endearment and affection.  The point of the song is that cariño is a basic need.

 Raise your hand if you have a brother or sister who loves you
 Raise your hand if you have a parent who loves you
 Raise your hand if you have a grandparent who loves you
 Raise your hand if you have a teacher who loves you
 Raise your hand if a student loves you
 If you know that you are loved, then you can resist the bad and sad events of your life.  If you love others, you can help them, and that is the happiest thing of all.

 What do you want in life?  Chances are you will be more likely to get what you want if you can unselfishly be a friend.  Belonging is important.

Applied Research Example

18 December 1993  Applied Practice and Outcomes Conference
Division of Teacher Education, Western New Mexico University

Karla Hernández reports a big altercation between two boys in the hallway.  The teachers intervened, and met with the boys, who expected to be sent to the office.  They split them up and interviewed the boys: with questions like, "what do you want" and, "is what you are doing going get you what you want".  Then they put the two together and they conferenced to write a plan about how to make peace.  They made the plan and all signed it.  Even though they had problems the year before too, this September's intervention has worked all year.  The students are beginning to ask each other, ìis that going to get you what you what you want...î and they are helping each other think of alternatives and help each other find solutions.  "Our core is the only one that has no pink slips.  The students want help making choices and decisions, they come to us for advice before troubles come up.   They are becoming friends."

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Mariana Murguía-Ferrer,  Roy E. Howard

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