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Came to the Earth


an Aztec tradition

Music in Creation: God is musical!

Multicultural Non-Fiction Winner: How Music Came to the Earth -
An Aztec Tradition
Adapted by Roy E. Howard
Illustrations by Carlene H. Williams, Cantos Para Todos
ISBN: 0-9768650-9-2

  Adapted by Roy E. Howard    Illustrated by Carlene H. Williams

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How Music Came to the Earth

Illustrated Bilingual Story with DVD and Website

The accompanying DVD includes all three versions of the narrative:
English, Spanish, and Chained Bilingual


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Said Tezcatlipoca, god of heaven and of the four quarters of the heavens to the wind: "we must bestow music upon all creation. to the awakening dawn, to the dreaming man, to the waiting mother, to the passing water and the flying bird, life should be all music! "
How Music Was Made" according to the Nahua people from a Sixteenth Century Nahua manuscript where there is a poem describing this incident. This book is a modern retelling of this ancient creation story.

On line resources for additional information about the Aztec and Mexico

Aztec creation stories and other Aztec and NĂ¡hua information: http://www.indians.org/welker/aztec.htm

A history using the Aztec point of view: http://www.yale.edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1992/2/92.02.01.x.html

A teacher's resource: http://home.freeuk.net/elloughton13/mexico.htm

A college resource: http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/CIVAMRCA/AZTECS.HTM

A Mexican point of view: http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/hbriefhis.html

Mexican Culture resource for teachers: http://www.cantos.org/Booksfolder/volviii.html

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