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Vol. III Books, Music- ESL With Music
Volume VII Book, Music- Educación con Música
Volume VIII E-Book, Music- Mexican Culture
Volume IX E-Book, Music-Diciembre Mundial
Volume Xa Book, Music - Estas Son Las Mañanitas
Volume Xb Book, Music- Anillo de Compromiso
Volume Xc Music - ¡Baila, Baila!
Volume Xd Music - Quiero que Sepas
Volume Xe Music - La Ley del Monte
Volume Xf Music - Las Auras del Desierto
Volume Xg Music - Celtic Mesa

Volume XIII Stories- Pesquantum Saves the Pilgrims
Volume XIV Music- Yéego Wótaal

Volume XV Cantata- The Redeemer Cometh
Volume XVI Video- Papel Picado: Una Tradición Mexicana
Volume XVII Stories- How Music Came to the Earth
Volume XVIII Navajo Music for Classroom Enrichment

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Cantos Para Todos

Volume XVII

How Music Came to the Earth

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 Illustrated story CD $10

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How Music Came to the Earth

Illustrations by Carlene Howard
Story adapted from the ancient Náhua by Roy E. Howard

Compact disk $10

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Versions of the story included are: English, Spanish, English/Spanish, and English/Navajo



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