Sedgwick County Park
6501 West 21st
Wichita, KS

From I-235, take Zoo Blvd. exit; go West to park entrance past Sedgwick County Zoo.

GPS Location: 37.72328 -97.41667 Mapquest

63 Acres

5 Channel Catfish
2 Largemouth Bass (18" minimum)
50 Crappie
2 Wiper ( 18" minimum)
5 Trout (Vic's Pond, Big Slough Creek)
Vic's Pond
Kids Pond
Horseshoe Lake
Moss Lake
Tom Scott Lake
Big Slough Creek

Ever let your hook be hanging; where you least believe it, there will be a fish in the stream.
[Lat., Semper tibi pendeat hamus:
Quo minime credas gurgite, piscis erit.]
- Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), Ars Amatoria
(bk. III, 425)

Opening Day of Trout Season 15 October 2009 (last photo is 1.9 pounder):

October 17 Flatland Fly Fishers Outing at Big Slough Creek

Vic's Lake

October 24 Big Slough Creek Fly Fishing for trout, bass, bluegill and LUNKERS (see 3.5 pounder caught and released below)