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www.Cantos means we work worldwide, channelling all networks to offer solutions, Para Todos means "for everyone":

Los Jaguares del Desierto

La Cocina de Emy de Vera

Curso Técnico de Piano

Curso Elemental de Música

Howard-Vera Pianos

Martha Encalada, singer/songwriter

Tucuy Yawar, Música Andina

Dice Emy Gabriela

Etsy shop for Dice Emy Gabriela

Multicultural Materials on Teachers Pay Teachers

Dr. and Mrs. Howard

About Cantos Para Todos

In 1989, Cantos Para Todos began serving the bilingual education community with teaching resources and multimedia, multicultural, multilingual materials with multiworlds in mind.

We gradually began working worldwide to channel all networks to offer support to the arts in an effort to sustain and even rescue the historically important instruments and the traditional artists.

In 2012 we adopted a broader theme:

Working Worldwide We
CAN Together Offer Solutions
of Real Greatness

Dr. and Mrs. Howard
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Songs by Roy E Howard on Google Play

Wichita Music Theory/Production Teacher

E Pluribus Unum Patriotic Songs

Contribuciones al Curso

Martha Encalada on GooglePlay

Albums and Songs by Martha on CDBaby

Downloadable Christmas Carols for $0.99


Martha Encalada: Jeshua es Salvación

Martha Encalada: Ropopopom Hacia Belén
Contributions to the course

How Music Came to the Earth: an Aztec Tradition
a multicultural/multimedia/multilingual
production of "chained bilingual storytelling"

How Music Came to the Earth