The symbolism of the red, white, and blue corn coming together in a bright collage of color on a each ear represents the standard of the United States adopted by Congress in 1782: E Pluribus Unum, "of many we are one".

September 11, 2001

El simbolismo de los diferentes colores de maíz juntos en una sola mazorca representa la variedad que enriquece una nación multicultural.

My wife and I were at a funeral in Southern California when we received a phone call early in the morning and turned on the TV. We were especially concerned since my daughter was living in Manhattan, and we could not reach her. We rushed home to New Mexico later that day when we heard she was all right. The frost killed my garden that morning. The next year my 911 corn came up colored red, white, and blue. I wrote these compositions as reflections of my deep emotion about the events of 9/11 and thereafter, including my visit to Manhattan on March 11, 2002 when I made the video of the Tribute in Light (songs about Osamma). Roy Howard, Composer.  |  How to destroy the terrorists  | 
Finding Hope
Corrido 11 de Septiembre

A Choice Land

El Corrido celebra y honra a los que sufrieron el 11 de sep 2001. Compuesto por Roy Howard. Dick Chávez lo acompaña en el acordeón de botones. Subtitles in English. Música y letra:

1. Al público y auditorio les cuento de un costumbre. Que celebra todo el mundo desde el once de septiembre.
2. Honran a policia y bomberos, celebran a los médicos. Oran y cantan loores desde el once de septiembre.
3. Piensan de los familiares, pasan tiempo con los niños. Se acuerdan de los vecinos desde el once de septiembre.
4. Todo el mundo celebra, porque de todas naciones; sufrieron muchas personas desde el once de septiembre.

Churches gathered for prayer meetings. September 11, 2001 prayers are the text for this song composed by Roy E. Howard. Photos were taken in Manhattan by Carlene Howard Williams.

Peace and good will, peace and good will,
make this land a choice land:
This our land. This our land.

We have been the source of comfort, health, prosperity:
to all the earth, all the earth.

One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.
A refuge from the strife, the wars and hunger of the world.
Nations are blessed whose God is the Lord
with peace and good will in this our choice land.

El Corrido de Osama


El Corrido de Osama Bin Laden con videos grabados en New York City el 11 de marzo 2002. Música (2001) y video (2002) creado por Roy Howard. Música y palabras:

1.Osama, los niños llorando están Murieron sus madres; ¡qué precio pagarán! Ya están en el cielo por ir a trabajar el once de septiembre, siempre se acordará.
2.Osama bin Laden, es triste decir, dejó a su familia a fama perseguir. Su padre hizo bien con un plan de construcción. Osama bin Laden hizo plan de destrucción.
3.Osama miente a los que le siguen. Él los promete un paraíso eterno. Él paga por sus lecciones de vuelo. ¡Yo no creo que califican por el cielo!
4.Osama esconde su plan infernal. Se esconde entre pobres de El Afghanistan. Los hombres mantienan mujeres pa' servir. El Taliban aprecia dinero de Osama.
5.Osama, Osama, ¿Qué ha hecho ya? Nos tiene pendientes de todo lo que pasa. Vivir en paz es lo que queremos ya. Ahora vivimos pensando en Osama

Roy Howard sings his thoughts about Osamma bin Laden after September 11, 2001. Video footage in New York city by Roy Howard taken 11 March 2002. Words and music:

1. Osamma, the children are crying to day. Their mothers are gone what a price they did pay for being at work on September Eleven Now thousands have gone to their home up in heaven.
2. Osamma bin Laden, it's sad, but they say: He left his dear family to make his own way. His father did well with his plans of construction. Osamma has specialized in our destruction.
3. Oh, how does he get men to follow his plot? He tells them that paradise is their great lot! He pays their expenses so they can learn flyin' O why don't they know that Osamma's bin lyin'?
4. Oh, where has Osamma bin hidin' his plan? They say that he has bin in Afghanistan. Where women are beaten and men have their way. The Taliban likes him for all he does pay.
5. Oh, 'samma, Oh, 'samma, now what have you done? Now all of the earth wants to carry a gun! To live here in peace is all that we've been wantin'. But now we must watch out for 'sam "has bin" Laden.