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Randy Potter School of Piano Technology An excellent correspondence course using video tapes for learning piano tuning, repair, regulating, voicing, apprentice training, manufacturer & dealer relations, and business practices. Licensed by the Department of Education.
Software Solutions for Piano Technicians, Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.
PTOOLS / PSCALE Computer Tools for Piano Technicians Software for scale calculations and customer management

WinScale Homepage, piano string re-scaling software for piano technicians.

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Piano Buyer by Larry Fine

Links to piano serial numbers to determine the age of your piano

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Piano Manufacturers

The location of a corporate office does not explain where a piano was manufactured. For example, Yamaha Pianos produced for the U.S. market have been manufactured in 4 locations: Hamamatsu, Japan; Thomaston, Georgia; South Haven, Michigan; and Jakarta, Indonesia. Pearl River uses parts manufactured in Germany and other locations. Some U.S. manufacturers have had plants for certain parts in Mexico. The following are current manufacturers, producing many brand names not listed, even brand names whose original manufacturers have ceased to exist. Also, corporate changes include constant ownership changes. For example, Baldwin is a division of Gibson, who also makes guitars, drums, dobros, banjos, and mandolins. Hamilton and D.H. Baldwin are "retired" lines of Baldwin/Gibson. With the globalization of the world economy, U.S. manufacturers found it impossible to build pianos in the United States because of the high labor costs. Due to the high man-hours involved in producing these pianos, many moved their production overseas.

 U.S. Manufacturers

Baldwin Piano

Boston Piano

Essex Piano

Steinway Piano

William Knabe Pianos

Mason & Hamlin

PianoDisc Player Piano

Story & Clark

Walter Piano Company

Other Manufacturers
Alfred Knight
August Förster
Broadwood Pianos
Fazioli & Son
Hallet & Davis
Hardman Peck
Julius Feurich
Kohler & Campbell
May Berlin
Pearl River
Steingraeber & Söhne
Strauss (Shanghai Piano)
Stuart Piano Co.
VanKoevering Pianos
Whelpdale, Maxwell, & Cod
Yamaha Piano
Young Chang Piano

Piano Teachers Links 
Music Teacher Associations

National Federation of Music Clubs
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) - A brochure about choosing a music teacher
Music Teachers' Association of California

Music Education Information

Smithsonian Celebration: 300th year of the piano

Click here to learn how to play the PIANO or KEYBOARD by ear quickly using the revolutionary technique of "Rhythmic Patterns!"

Music Education and Your Child -A publication from the National Coalition for Music Education
Music education resource guide
Music Records System Software for teachers to run their recitals.
Music Educators Home Page
The Piano Education Page -- Sponsored by the West Mesa Music Teachers Association in New Mexico. Loaded with educational material
The Piano Home Page by Martha Beth Lewis. This page is a wealth of information about piano pedegogy, business practices for piano teachers, copyright information, and consumer information.
Piano Parlor A huge site with links to the whole piano industry.
Piano on the Net, Teach yourself to read music right from these Web Pages
Private Lessons A page of information about private lessons
International Piano Quarterly
TeachList.com http://www.teachlist.com Large international database of music teachers. For all instruments, locations, ages, styles and skill levels.

Piano Lessons are Good for You and your Brain by Encore Music Lessons, Ryan Merritt

Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music
Learn to play in the New Age style with these online lessons for beginning adults.

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