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Fax: 316 634 1148

Cell: 505 879 0110

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Roy Howard, Piano Tuner/technician, provides professional piano tuning and repair services throughout the Wichita metropolitan area for all makes and models of pianos.

Piano Manufacturers recommend you have your piano tuned at least twice per year, while new pianos should be tuned 3 or 4 times in the first year. Many people are on a once per year schedule after the stretching of the strings is stabilized.


PIANO TUNING: Pianos are tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 Hz.
Piano Tuning Rate: $90
Discounts: Sedgwick County $75
6 months or sooner deduct $10
quantity discounts available

PITCH RAISE: If a piano has gone without tuning for an extended period (more than a year or two), it's pitch may have dropped far below A-440. Subsequently bringing each string to the proper pitch greatly increases the tension in your piano, making it, and the resultant tuning unstable. In these instances, a pitch raise is necessary prior to a fine tuning.
Pitch Raise Cost: $15 to $30 depending on the amount of pitch change needed

REPAIRS: During a regularly scheduled piano tuning, a problem (such as a "stuck key") might be found. In most cases these can be repaired free of charge, in some cases there is a nominal fee. Labor charge $30 per hour. Additional charges for parts and supplies such as casters, strings, dampers, hammers, hinges, etc. A new set of piano keytops is a minimum of $300, including installation and regulation.

REGULATION: Your piano's action is adjusted to keep it in optimum working condition. Minor adjustments are included in the tuning fee. A complete action regulation is $300 to $500.

DAMP CHASER: I recommend the installation of a humidity control system inside your piano to increase tuning stability and preserve the pin block and action parts. Vertical pianos $350. Grand pianos $500 to $650.

Gallup area: call John Cote (505) 778-5408.
Wichita area: call Jon Garrelts 316 409 2846

REBUILDING: Restringing, refinishing, rebuilding of action, soundboard and pin block.

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