Dr. Roy E. Howard's Honor Songs
inspired by the sky, the water, the land...
and by special people

Cantos Para Todos

at Lukachukai, Arizona and New Mexico set to music by composer Roy E. Howard. This is an honor song for Ben Barney who lives in harmony with the sky, the water and the land

Diné Philosophy of Education composition by Roy E. Howard based on a lecture at Diné College to honor Navajo culture, tradition and integrity and the tradition of hózhó

Shii Naa Shaa arranged by Roy E. Howard accompanies sunset photos he took in New Mexico and Arizona to honor Navajo history and sovereignty

The Land is connected to the Sky
Music is inspired by the Green Gallup movement organized by Chris Kenny

The Water and the Sky are one
Piano music to honor Savanna of New Mexico. Sky photos from Kansas. Music inspired by a dream

Nauvoo Connections
music to honor our pioneer ancestors who lived in harmony with the sky, the water and the land

Kansas Fishing
music to honor the fisheries bioliogists of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

More fishing music

Ash Wednesday
videos and orchestra music to honor Mary Boyd Ellis.
Illustrated by Mary Boyd Ellis

September 11
videos and music to honor Patriots Day

Fly Fishers
Music to honor the Flatland Fly Fishers who work hard to maintain the streams so that we all can live in harmony with the land, the water, and the sky