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2 September 2002
No te sueltes de una rama, sin tener otra agarrada.
Diné Bi'ólta' Bidziilgo Adiilniil
"Tsit nah wah she oh nah...yah nit kay ah"
Tsit nah yah nit kay no nah...Tsit nah washe ah"

Story teller, New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities since 1 November 2002 (select "Programs", "Speakers Catalogue", "List all Speakers", "Roy Howard") Story teller, National Indian Youth Leadership Project since 1 August 2001 Story teller in the schools since 1987

TO: Principals and Teachers

RE: Cultural Presentations: "Native New Mexico"

Description of Presentations: History and culture stories and songs based in New Mexico that encourage values of the Character Counts program. A different story every month. Languages of presentation are mostly English, Spanish, Navajo, Zuni, but also other languages as appropriate for the story line and to facilitate understanding by all participants. Instruments include guitar, drum, flute, trumpet, and many others.

Biography: Degreed in Music and Bilingual Education, Dr. Howard shares songs and stories native to New Mexico. He is currently Associate Professor of Bilingual Education, Western New Mexico University in Gallup.

I am willing to come to the schools for musical cultural presentations. This is of great value me as a teacher trainer, because it allows me contact with the students and the teachers. I know that is also of great value to your schools.
I have the sound equipment to do assemblies, but enjoy visiting individual classrooms to allow close contact between me and the students. I hope that our contributions will reinforce the objectives of the individual teachers.

 Month  Key Date    Theme  Key Concept  
 September  11th, 16th    Independence  New Mexico Independence Day, September 11 Memorial  stories and songs for the September anniversaries of the Star Spangled Banner, New Mexico Independence Day, U.S. Constitution Day, and September 11 Patriots Day.
 October  12th    Día de la Raza: Who are we?  Multicultural America  stories and songs for October 12 (the day Columbus was discovered by the Taino people), and the Cuartocentenario of New Mexico
 November  1,2    Día de los Muertos  Who are our ancestors, families?  stories and songs to explain the cycle of life and the harvest celebration as seen by the ancient people of Mexico and Europe. Includes a display table and decorations
November later in the month  Juan de Oñate, Pesquantum  The Hispanic Settlement of New Mexico stories and songs for the first Thanksgivings in Massachusetts and New Mexico
 December  all month    Family tradition  How do we give thanks, enjoy friends?

stories and songs to explain Pancho Clos, Hastiin Clos, BabaKlos and other winter traditions
 January -February  14th    Romance  Meeting basic needs for a happy life  Stories and songs to improve relationships
 March -M ay  5 May   Cinco de Mayo Freedom, character counts  Stories and songs to build character
 June  June 18,19   Freedom Freedom, character counts  Stories and songs for June 19, 1865 end of slavery; June 19 1867 end of French Intervention in Mexico; June 18, 1868 end of Navajo internment.
 July  July 4   Freedom, Constitution Freedom, character counts  Stories and songs for U.S. Independence, Iroquois Confederacy and the U.S. Constitution

Please call for an appointment, a change in topic, or a discussion of how to best serve your needs.

Thank you,

Associate Professor
Bilingual Education/ESL

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